Control your entire home
from your fingertips

Our Simply Green mobile app will give you full control of your home’s access, automation and security from anywhere in the world.

Save time and money
with home automation

Automate your homes heating, cooling and lighting to save on energy and adjust to your schedule.

Find the package that’s right for you

Enjoy peace of mind knowing
your home is protected

Security professionals will monitor your home 24/7 to ensure that you and your home are always kept safe and secure.

Find the package that’s right for you

Enjoy the convenience of a smarter home


Motion Sensor

Receive alerts, or set triggers for other devices when movements are detected in a motion monitored area of your home.

Smart Switch

Turn any bulb into a smart light and adjust your lighting to your schedule.

Smoke and CO Detectors

Be notified by your smart device, or professional monitoring centre in the instance of smoke of CO2 detection.

Smart Thermostat

Save on your energy bill by automatically adjusting your home’s temperature use for only when you need it.

Outdoor Security Camera

Record or live view a crystal-clear feed from your home’s security cameras.

Doorbell camera

Receive a notification & see when someone is at your door. Communicate to your visitors through your smart device.

Smart Lock

No Keys? No Problem. Use your smart device to lock and unlock your door, no matter where you are.

Security Control Panel

The control panel allows you to receive alerts and connect multiple smart devices.

Contact Sensor

Receive a notification whenever a window is opened or closed in your home.

LED Smart Lights

Dim, control or even change colours of your bulbs all directly from your smart device.

Water Leak Sensor

Shut off your main water valve to prevent flooding at the first detection of a leak.

Smart hub

The Smart Hub allows you to connect multiple smart devices.

Powering the Smart Home

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With your new system installed, we’ll take the time to educate you and your family on how to use each device so that you can enjoy the full benefits of smart home living.